Food That Is Actually Good for Your Teeth

From a young age, the dentist has always told us what kind of food is bad for our teeth. We shouldn’t drink sugary drinks, eat too many sweet foods, and stay away from coffee as well. However, for all the food and beverages we shouldn’t consume, what’s actually beneficial for our teeth?

Here are just a few of the many items you might like to add to your grocery list for the benefit of your bite.


It’s always been said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but could it also keep the dentist away as well? Apples, while sweet and therefore traditionally not healthy for your teeth, are also full of water and fibre. While you’re eating an apple, your saliva goes into overdrive, washing away bacteria while stimulating your gums at the same time. If you like to keep a fresh mouth during the day, remember to pack an apple into your lunch box or handbag as you head to work.


In the same way that apples promote saliva production, so too do raw carrots. Carrots also help to reduce your risk of cavities while being high in fibre and vitamin A. Therefore, there’s every reason to add a whole carrot, baby carrots, or carrot sticks to your lunch or evening meal.


While cheese can be considered fattening, when it comes to your teeth it’s rather good for them. In 2013 studies published in the Journal of General Dentistry, it was discovered that by eating cheese, you were able to raise the pH levels in your mouth – thus lowering the risk of tooth decay. Aside from this reduced risk of decay, cheese also strengthens tooth enamel while providing your body with much-needed protein and calcium.

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Benefits of Travelling Solo

Whether your relationship status is single or your significant other can’t get time off work, you may find that you’re going on holiday alone. Even if you won’t be experiencing Bali villas or any other tourist hotspots with someone else, you will enjoy so many benefits on a solo trip. Here are just a few of many.

Every Experience is For You
When you travel with someone else or a group of people, you find yourself having to do things that other people want to do. While you might be into nature walks and going off the beaten track, your party might want to experience the bustling nightlife. When you travel alone, every adventure you go on is for your benefit. You can soak up the luxury of Bali villas in a tranquil setting, or take a walk through various markets that are a must-do on any traveller’s list. Whatever you want to do, you can do it when you’re travelling solo.

You Can ‘Find Yourself’

Sometimes we can lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The daily nine to five grind can take its toll, and a holiday by yourself might help you to reclaim the real you. When you travel with other people, you get so caught up in the social setting that you often miss life-changing moments. Alone with your thoughts, however, you can gain a new appreciation for what you have, while experiencing a new part of the world you’ve never seen before. When you go home, you may feel refreshed and revitalized, ready to tackle anything life throws at you.

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14 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding is Sustainable

Sustainability can be found in many life situations from exciting events like parties and weddings through to the more mundane activities such as cleaning the house. It’s important when arranging a wedding to avoid waste by only spending money on those things that are essential for a nice wedding.  Hiring a photo booth can save on costs as well as being an eco friendly choice because it will also save on the use of fuel, since it provides an opportunity for guests to download their photos online.

Here are some more ways to have a wedding that is eco-friendly.

  • Use recycled paper for the wedding invitations and table name cards.
  • Use linen or organic cotton napkins and tablecloths rather than disposable paper ones.
  • Use LED lighting or candles at the reception. Soy or honeycomb candles burn cleanly, without the black soot residue in some other kinds.

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How to Deal with Child Care Tantrums

Even if you believe your child is an angel, there may come a time – usually during enrollment in a child care facility – when they begin to throw tantrums. It’s important to understand that tantrums are very common in children between one and three years of age. And, it’s not so much a sign of bad behaviour so much as a sign of frustration or changes.

Parents tend to notice more tantrums when they put their children into a child care facility because it can be a significant adjustment. You are altering their routine, and young children in that age bracket aren’t able to communicate how they feel about it other than with tears and tantrums.

If you’re dealing with temper tantrums and want to gain control over the situation sooner rather than later, we’ve included some helpful information below.

Reduce Their Stress

While toddlers don’t have to worry about paying bills or running errands, they do carry the stresses of toddler life. When you enrol them in child care, it’s not uncommon for their stress levels to be at an all-time high. The first tip for dealing with tantrums is to try to reduce that stress. In the first week of child care, avoid excessive stimulation.

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5 Best Beaches in the World

If staring at the same four walls of your office cubicle is becoming a little tedious, then it might be time to start dreaming about beautiful beaches instead. Everyone deserves a holiday from time to time, so what’s wrong with planning your own now? If the thought of relaxing on a beach drinking cocktails sounds like your idea of a good time, then visit one of these top-rated beaches below.

Harbour Island, Bahamas

The problem with a lot of famous beaches is how busy they are. With people milling around, detracting from your peace, they become less of the relaxing paradise you envisioned, and more of a bustling hive of activity. Harbour Island in the Bahamas, however, is more serene than you could ever think possible.

It’s located off the coast of Eleuthera Island and is a little off the beaten track. Therefore, it’s less likely to be as populated by families as those more mainland beaches in the Bahamas. It’s encompassed by palm trees for that gorgeous beach vibe as well, so you can sun yourself on the pink sands while enjoying the serene environment. What’s more, when you start to get a little cold and hungry, you can then make your way to an eatery nearby for a delicious fresh seafood dish and a tasty cocktail.

Kuta Beach, Bali

If you found yourself dreaming about luxury Bali villas, then it only makes sense to add Kuta Beach to your list of beaches to visit. As Bali’s most well-known destination, it’s a stunning white sand beach that brings tourists from all around the world. It’s mere minutes from the International airport, is within proximity to several resorts and luxury Bali villas, and offers many shopping and dining opportunities as well.

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Writing a Good Online Dating Profile

A good online dating profile will get many times the responses that a poor one will get, so it is well worth the effort. You will get a lot more replies if you include good photos, so find a friend who can take good photos of you. The photos should be no more than a year old. It is much better to have a recent, accurate photo, than to run the risk of disappointing the person when you meet them because you look older or more out of shape than your photo. Make sure one photo is a good closeup of your face, and it´s a big plus if you are smiling in that photo. It is also a plus if you include additional photos of you doing things you enjoy so that they get a picture of what you are like in action.

Pick an online name that is positive and something that might interest the kind of person you would like to meet.

Be sure to write at least a full paragraph about yourself and what you like to do. Usually it is better to write more. You might write about what music you like, if you watch or participate in sports, if you like to watch movies, if you like travel and where you have gone, if you like to eat in restaurants or like to cook, enjoy attending functions and what hobbies or interests you have. Try to include things about yourself that make you special. If you have children, mention them, but remember the profile is about you, not your children.

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4 Benefits of Postpartum Waist Training

For many women, waist training is the furthest thing on their mind after giving birth to a baby. After all, you can be rapt up in motherhood and sleepless nights, and sparing a thought for your body is something for a later date.

However, wearing a waist trainer offers a whole host of benefits, but not the ones you think. Contrary to popular belief, it can’t help you lose that baby weight, nor can it make you skinnier or regain the stomach you had before giving birth. But, it can offer you the following:


It might seem strange to put waist training and comfort in the same sentence, but wearing a waist trainer, or girdle, after having a baby can be. If you buy a high-quality one, you can benefit from feeling less “loose” around that area as well as finding it more comfortable to sit up in the days after giving birth. While there’s no reason to jump back into a fitness routine with your waist trainer just yet, it does help to know that you can feel comfortable when you need to the most.


After nine months of wearing clothes that were far larger than what you were used to, you may have thought that you would be able to hop straight back into those skinny jeans when leaving the hospital. While some people can, for the majority it’s a big ask.

Even in shirts and tops you used to wear before you were pregnant, you may feel like everything appears frumpy and unattractive. If you put on a waist trainer, however, you can wear some of your old clothes with confidence, as your stomach sits firmly under high-quality latex or compression fabric.

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5 Signs You Need to Book into Drug Rehab

What might have started off as taking pain medication for an injury, or a “once off” at a party, can quickly become an addiction for which drug rehab is necessary. However, denial is a prevalent part of drug addiction, with people not willing to admit they have a problem. If you’re beginning to realise you may have a problem, but you’re not yet convinced, find out if you fit any of these five criteria below. Drug rehab might be more beneficial for your situation than you think.

Withdrawing from Social Situations

If the thought of heading into a social situation where you can’t access your drug of choice has you nervous, then it’s time to admit you have a problem. The inability to keep your thoughts from straying from drug use is an alarm bell you can’t ignore.

Think back to before you began taking drugs. Were you quite happy to attend social barbecues, go to a movie with friends, or even visit your friends and family? If you can’t do this now without thinking about how you’ll make it through, then it’s time to consider drug rehab.

You’re Lying and Deceiving

Many people try to hide their addiction from friends and family for fear of being called out for it. If you don’t believe you have a problem, would you be quite happy to openly drink alcohol when a friend visits at 9 am or take drugs in front of your parents?  Lies and deceit are a universal sign of a drug problem and being open about your addiction is the first step to combating it. Read More

How to Care for Your Gums Properly

When you visit a modern dentist you will be thoroughly educated on how crucial it is to maintain your teeth. Brush twice a day, floss, and avoid particular foods. However, these practices are not only for the benefit of your teeth but your gums as well.

If your teeth are in poor condition, then your gums will be as well – for oral health encompasses your whole mouth, not just one component. However, even if your teeth are in excellent condition, that doesn’t mean you won’t get gum disease.

Gum disease is painless and many people can have it and won’t even know. It occurs when plaque begins to build up along your gum line, causing infection in both the gum and bone. Without treatment, this plaque can cause gingivitis which evolves into gum disease.

What Are the Signs of Gum Disease?

Because gum disease is painless, it’s up to you to recognise the signs and see your dentist sooner rather than later. If your gums feel tender or inflamed, they bleed, are swollen or look red, or you have bad breath, you may have gum disease.

However, if you care for your gums properly, the disease is entirely avoidable. Here’s how to reduce the risk.

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Northern Bali More Popular Destination With European Travellers

For several years now, European travellers have been heading to Bali for their vacations, especially to the southern part of Bali. However, as southern Bali becomes more expensive they are seeking to stay in Northern Bali regions, which are still considered a ‘best kept secret.’

Putu Winastra, deputy chairman of the Bali branch of the Association of Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies (ASITA) said that European tourists had always paid serious attention to the condition of destinations they intended to visit.

When it comes to travel and vacation destinations, Europeans are one of the savviest travellers always looking for the best vacation spot. That includes not just the best pricing, but also the best accommodations, the least amount of traffic, and the best attractions. And while there are excellent villas in Bali, Europeans are beginning to see Southern Bali as just a little too touristy for their liking, and so many are heading to more Northern Bali destinations.

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