Drug Rehab

5 Signs You Need to Book into Drug Rehab

What might have started off as taking pain medication for an injury, or a “once off” at a party, can quickly become an addiction for which drug rehab is necessary. However, denial is a prevalent part of drug addiction, with people not willing to admit they have a problem. If you’re beginning to realise you may have a problem, but you’re not yet convinced, find out if you fit any of these five criteria below. Drug rehab might be more beneficial for your situation than you think.

Withdrawing from Social Situations

If the thought of heading into a social situation where you can’t access your drug of choice has you nervous, then it’s time to admit you have a problem. The inability to keep your thoughts from straying from drug use is an alarm bell you can’t ignore.

Think back to before you began taking drugs. Were you quite happy to attend social barbecues, go to a movie with friends, or even visit your friends and family? If you can’t do this now without thinking about how you’ll make it through, then it’s time to consider drug rehab.

You’re Lying and Deceiving

Many people try to hide their addiction from friends and family for fear of being called out for it. If you don’t believe you have a problem, would you be quite happy to openly drink alcohol when a friend visits at 9 am or take drugs in front of your parents?  Lies and deceit are a universal sign of a drug problem and being open about your addiction is the first step to combating it.

You Experience Withdrawals

Drug addiction takes on many forms. It can start out as a once-off experience at a party, or even a reliance on painkillers as a result of an injury. While in the beginning, it wasn’t a problem, an ongoing need and desire for those drugs can spell an addiction. Take note of how you feel when you haven’t had any. Do you experience any detrimental effects as they leave your system? Withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on the drug, but you may soon realise you have a reliance on them the minute you find you have none left.

Your Health is Affected

Continual drug use not only breaks those around you, but it can break your own body. If you visit a doctor and find you’re suffering from health complications, it’s time to take action. Continual drug use can be hazardous for both your physical and mental health. The sooner you take action and book into drug rehab, the better.

It’s Affecting Your Life

Anyone from any walk of life can be a drug user. There is no stereotypical user, as it takes circumstance to create an addict. However, if your career is suffering, your home life, and your relationship with friends and family, then you have a problem. If the ability to function on a daily basis is becoming a challenge, there’s an obstacle in your way you need to get help to remove.

Many alarm bells help trigger the realisation you need to book into rehab. However, denial can be powerful, making you oblivious to what’s right in front of you. Before you end up on a downward spiral, get help. Drug rehab can help to get your life back on track.