Northern Bali More Popular Destination With European Travellers

For several years now, European travellers have been heading to Bali for their vacations, especially to the southern part of Bali. However, as southern Bali becomes more expensive they are seeking to stay in Northern Bali regions, which are still considered a ‘best kept secret.’

Putu Winastra, deputy chairman of the Bali branch of the Association of Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies (ASITA) said that European tourists had always paid serious attention to the condition of destinations they intended to visit.

When it comes to travel and vacation destinations, Europeans are one of the savviest travellers always looking for the best vacation spot. That includes not just the best pricing, but also the best accommodations, the least amount of traffic, and the best attractions. And while there are excellent villas in Bali, Europeans are beginning to see Southern Bali as just a little too touristy for their liking, and so many are heading to more Northern Bali destinations.

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