Sustainable Wedding

14 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding is Sustainable

Sustainability can be found in many life situations from exciting events like parties and weddings through to the more mundane activities such as cleaning the house. It’s important when arranging a wedding to avoid waste by only spending money on those things that are essential for a nice wedding.  Hiring a photo booth can save on costs as well as being an eco friendly choice because it will also save on the use of fuel, since it provides an opportunity for guests to download their photos online.

Here are some more ways to have a wedding that is eco-friendly.

  • Use recycled paper for the wedding invitations and table name cards.
  • Use linen or organic cotton napkins and tablecloths rather than disposable paper ones.
  • Use LED lighting or candles at the reception. Soy or honeycomb candles burn cleanly, without the black soot residue in some other kinds.

  • Use organic makeup that has not been tested on animals and does not contain chemicals that are bad for your skin.
  • Rent hybrid vehicles for the wedding cars and for the car you leave the reception in.
  • If using flowers for the decorations, choose potted varieties that can be used again rather than cut flowers that must be thrown out. Guests can take them home or they can be rented and returned afterwards.
  • If roses are your choice of flowers, try to find organic ones as roses are usually sprayed with a lot of pesticides.
  • If considering sea food at the reception, choose a species that is not threatened. Sturgeon caviar and Chilean sea bass are on the endangered list. Or choose grass fed beef as this reduces the use of chemicals in grain fed beef. Other organic choices can easily be found.
  • Choose organic wines and champagnes. Also consider fresh fruit juices.
  • For other food, choose ingredients that are not trucked or flown in to save on fuel. Local ingredients should also be organic – grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals.
  • Donate leftover food that is still good to a shelter or charity.
  • Consider using a pre-used wedding dress and veil. These could belong to a family member and you could have them made over into another style – if the owner doesn’t object.
  • Have an eco friendly honeymoon. What’s that? Simply visiting naturally scenic places in a way that doesn’t spoil them. For instance, keeping your rubbish to a minimum and using bins instead of throwing it on the ground all helps to conserve their natural beauty.
  • Buying drinks such as beer and wine in bulk – as in a keg – saves a lot of bottles to cart to the recycling centre.