Online Dating Profile

Writing a Good Online Dating Profile

A good online dating profile will get many times the responses that a poor one will get, so it is well worth the effort. You will get a lot more replies if you include good photos, so find a friend who can take good photos of you. The photos should be no more than a year old. It is much better to have a recent, accurate photo, than to run the risk of disappointing the person when you meet them because you look older or more out of shape than your photo. Make sure one photo is a good closeup of your face, and it´s a big plus if you are smiling in that photo. It is also a plus if you include additional photos of you doing things you enjoy so that they get a picture of what you are like in action.

Pick an online name that is positive and something that might interest the kind of person you would like to meet.

Be sure to write at least a full paragraph about yourself and what you like to do. Usually it is better to write more. You might write about what music you like, if you watch or participate in sports, if you like to watch movies, if you like travel and where you have gone, if you like to eat in restaurants or like to cook, enjoy attending functions and what hobbies or interests you have. Try to include things about yourself that make you special. If you have children, mention them, but remember the profile is about you, not your children.

Do not include any remarks about not wanting cheaters, liars, people who play games, or anything that might give the impression you are still angry about a past relationship. This can kill your chances with someone nice faster than anything. Leave the past in the past.

Go ahead and mention what you would like in a partner, but make it sound positive and open. “Fat people need not apply,” would simply be rude and get a very negative reaction from a lot of people, even people who are slender and athletic. Better would be something like, “Looking for someone to share my interest in healthy eating and fitness.”

Being negative about anything in your profile will likely turn away some of the very people you would like to meet because they will associate you with those negative feelings. You want your readers to feel good when they read your profile, because if you make them feel warm and make them smile, they are much more likely to respond.

Good Luck with your online dating.