10 Wedding Day Questions You May Have Forgotten To Ask

10 Wedding Day Questions You May Have Forgotten To Ask

Whenever a wedding is being planned there will be lots of questions being asked by the bride and groom such as “Who shall we invite?”, “How many wedding cars will we need?”, “What beauty salon near me can do my bridal makeup?” and “What sort of bridal dress design will be best?” to name a few. We are sure you can think of dozens of other questions that will need to be answered to successfully plan a wedding and enjoy it to the maximum extent.

Some questions are less common than others and do not get asked but should do, and without those answers, it can lead to issues, confusion, or even embarrassment before and during the wedding. If you are wondering what these specific questions are, then wonder no more as below we have listed ten such wedding questions and the answers to them.

Question #1 – What Is The Difference Between Wedding ‘Law’ And Wedding ‘Tradition’

A wedding law is what you must do legally to become married. This includes the ceremony being conducted by someone legally authorised to do so and the accompanying legal documents which show you are legally married. Beyond these, most of what many believe are wedding laws are actually traditions such as the bride wearing white, a wedding cake, and even the exchanging of rings which are all optional and not required by law.

Question #2 – What Should The Dress Code Be?

Whilst the bride wearing a white dress is the best known, there is no obligation for any bride to wear one. Indeed, whilst most weddings will have formal dress codes, the truth is it is entirely up to the couple who can advise guests to dress as they please if they so wish.

Question #3 – Can The Wedding Have A Theme?

Indeed it can. Provided you make guests aware and agree with the venues for the wedding ceremony and the reception, you can have a theme throughout your wedding day. One point is if you do choose an out-of-the-ordinary theme, do not expect every guest to buy a new costume or theme-based outfit.

Question #4 – Who Should Walk The Bride Down The Aisle?

Traditionally it is the bride’s father, but again, this is a tradition, not law. Anyone the bride wishes can walk her down the aisle, including female relatives, friends, and even the groom can.

Question #5 – How Should The Bride Hold Her Bouquet?

For the bride’s whole outfit ensemble to be shown at its best, including the bride herself, she should hold her bouquet low around waist height. She should certainly avoid holding it up as this will hide her face.

Question #6 – Does The Bride Sign The Register With Her Married Surname?

Given that all the legal documentation will have her original surname, it will be easier and quicker for her to sign using that rather than her married name, which she can practice signing another time.

Question #7 – Who Can We Have As Witnesses?

The short and simple answer is ‘anyone’, provided they are aged 18 or over. It can also be two people other than the best man and main bridesmaid.

Question #8 – How Should We Plan The Reception Seating?

This is where many debates occur and, unfortunately, we cannot decide for you who sits where. A rule of thumb is to try to keep couples together, organise it by groups or families, and try not to have an individual sitting with complete strangers.

Question #9 – When Do We Cut The Wedding Cake?

As a photograph is normally taken of this, we recommend you do this early on in the reception, just after you arrive. This allows the catering team to serve pieces of the cake to guests without any delay later.

Question #10 – Must We Leave The Reception Early To Go On Our Honeymoon?

This is another tradition, although it is more likely to happen due to logistics such as flight times for the honeymoon. If you wish to stay until the very end of the reception, please do so…it is your wedding day after all.