10 Wedding Day Questions You May Have Forgotten To Ask

Whenever a wedding is being planned there will be lots of questions being asked by the bride and groom such as “Who shall we invite?”, “How many wedding cars will we need?”, “What beauty salon near me can do my bridal makeup?” and “What sort of bridal dress design will be best?” to name a few. We are sure you can think of dozens of other questions that will need to be answered to successfully plan a wedding and enjoy it to the maximum extent.

Some questions are less common than others and do not get asked but should do, and without those answers, it can lead to issues, confusion, or even embarrassment before and during the wedding. If you are wondering what these specific questions are, then wonder no more as below we have listed ten such wedding questions and the answers to them.

Question #1 – What Is The Difference Between Wedding ‘Law’ And Wedding ‘Tradition’

A wedding law is what you must do legally to become married. This includes the ceremony being conducted by someone legally authorised to do so and the accompanying legal documents which show you are legally married. Beyond these, most of what many believe are wedding laws are actually traditions such as the bride wearing white, a wedding cake, and even the exchanging of rings which are all optional and not required by law.

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What Happens During Cataract Eye Surgery?

Not being able to see is one of the most terrifying health problems anyone can face. Though, sometimes, even more terrifying is the thought that you may not understand what the surgery to correct the problem entails. Some people feel that way when it comes to cataract eye surgery. 

They may know it’s necessary to restore their vision, but fear of the unknown can put them off taking that next step. If you are unsure what’s involved in the average cataract surgery from Insight Laser Surgery, then read on. The following information can make sure you’re well informed before the big day. 

The First Stage

The first stage of the outpatient procedure, which typically takes less than an hour, involves your doctor placing eye drops in your eyes. These dilate your pupils. You’ll then receive a local anesthetic to numb the area. 

Some doctors may offer a sedative to help you relax. You’ll stay awake for the procedure but will be groggy and sleepy.

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Top Reasons Why People Whiten Their Teeth

The beauty of today’s technology is that with the right expert, you can change almost anything about yourself. A hairdresser can change your hair, a plastic surgeon can fix your nose, and family dental care can offer teeth whitening services for that set of pearly whites you’ve dreamed of.

However, there can be a bit of stigma associated with cosmetic procedures, and many people may not decide right away that teeth whitening is for them. If you’re on the fence, these common reasons for teeth whitening may make you feel that it’s right for you.

Their Teeth Are Discoloured

Whether it’s through diet choices, smoking, plaque, tartar, or something else; teeth can become discoloured over time. Those with stained teeth may struggle to smile without thinking they’re being judged or may notice their confidence levels are at an all-time low. Discolouration is the most common reason why people whiten their teeth.

However, in-chair teeth whitening doesn’t work for everyone. Some staining can be permanent, especially with some medication types, so talk to your dentist about dental veneers instead.

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How Eating Well Can Reduce Stress

When you’re feeling stressed, it can be hard to break out of the frame of mind. Sometimes, you can go for a run and experience momentary happiness and stress relief. Other times, that sense of calm and peace is a little harder to come by. Did you know that eating well can impact your mood, emotions, and motivation?

What you eat can determine whether your stress levels are low or high and whether you need more or less of different nutrients. For example, those who are experiencing increased levels of stress may need more magnesium, vitamin C and B, and selenium, than someone who is not at all stressed. Essentially, you can fight stress with food, and here’s how.

Herbal Tea

There’s a reason people offer distressed friends and family a hot drink. It can promote a sense of calm, decrease stress, and provide warmth. While many warm drinks can offer these feelings, herbal tea can do it that little bit better.

In times of stress, sit down with a cup of chamomile or lavender tea. These two herbal varieties promote a soothing effect far better than other types. You can then be in a better frame of mind to tackle your problems head-on.


Who would have thought that eating well to reduce stress meant you get to have chocolate? While you shouldn’t go overboard, the antioxidants in dark chocolate can be quite beneficial.

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How to Combat Sensitive Teeth

Around 45 percent of Australian households have at least one member with sensitive teeth. According to many dentists, having sensitive teeth means that whenever you expose them to cold or hot drinks, cold air, or even during some dental procedures, you experience a sharp and short pain.

The most common cause of sensitive teeth is gum recession. If you brush your teeth too hard or are in the running for periodontal disease, gums recede, and small openings in your tooth’s root may become exposed and opened further by food and beverages. The open holes then expose your nerves which can cause discomfort.

However, there can be several other reasons for sensitive teeth, which means the best way to combat it is to take a trip to the dentist and find out if you have any other underlying problems. Depending on the results of your check-up, the following desensitising methods could help.

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Where Does Botox Get Injected?

If you’re new to the world of Botox injections or are thinking of getting some, then you may be wondering how the entire process works. You go into the specialist’s office with wrinkles, frown lines, and sagging skin, and come out with a beautiful, smooth, and shiny face. So, how does it happen?

When you head in for your appointment, you will usually receive Botox on the wrinkles between your eyebrows. You tend to have a lot of lines here, and the area in which they lie is known as the glabella.

The muscles which stand out prominently between your eyebrows are your corrugators which allow you to show fear or disgust on your face. Upon creating such a look, you use your vestigial muscles.

Most people also receive Botox to remove the horizontal lines that appear on their forehead. These tend to get thicker and deeper as you age. The injection goes into the centre of your forehead. If you do not use an experienced and skilled Botox expert, then you run the risk of the needle not being central, which causes your brows to droop.

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The Best Bride Grooms Gift

While there is no denying that finding bridesmaids gifts such as bridesmaid robes is essential, so too is finding the perfect present for the groomsmen. Even though they won’t be putting in nearly as much work as the bridal party, they are still deserving of a little reward for helping the groom prepare for his big day. However, knowing what to get for the groomsmen is a challenge. Do you want to go “all out” with vouchers and gift hampers? Or, do you want to opt for something you know they will use?

If you’ve decided that the best approach is to go for something you know the groomsmen will use both at your wedding and for years to come, then consider the many benefits of a stubby holder.

Quality Fabric

When you decide customisable stubby coolers are the route to go down, then you will be impressed by the quality fabric used in the manufacturing process. Neoprene, which is suitable for a wide range of industries, helps to improve the quality of the stubby cooler in more ways than one. You benefit from better grip while you’re holding it and protection for your glass, but you also benefit from temperature control. Neoprene is used in the manufacturing process not only for its quality but because it can keep your drink at a consistent temperature. Read More

When to Wear Your Waist Trainer

Social media and celebrities have made waist training something that many women want to consider trying. However, without the correct research, you may struggle to know when it’s going to be most appropriate to wear your waist trainer. Before you go ahead and purchase a high-quality waist trainer, find out in what situations you will see the benefits of its use.

When You’re Working Out

When you first begin waist training, you will no doubt purchase a waist trainer for working out. The aim of wearing one while you’re working out is so you can work up a sweat and see more beneficial results than if you didn’t wear one at all. What’s more, waist training offers more core and back support which can help to create a safer workout routine.

When You’re at the Office

One of the welcome surprises of waist training is that wearing a waist trainer can improve your posture. As a result, you may can that when you wear one to the office, you’re able to sit up straight at your desk and put less strain on your neck, back, and shoulders. You can then leave for the day feeling a lot more comfortable than when you first arrived.

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5 Common Causes of Alcoholism

Some people struggle to come to terms with having an alcohol addiction, even if it has gotten to the point of them needing to go into a drug rehab facility. There is often a fine line between having a refreshing beverage and having it turn into something they can’t live without.

If alcoholism has a loved one firmly in its grips and you can’t seem to understand how it comes about, then any of these five reasons below could be the answer.

A Stressor

Stress can wreak havoc in life. Sometimes it involves your home life or family, while other times it can relate to your work or a financial situation too. When you are stressed, you look for something to de-stress you. Often, that can be alcohol.

The problem is, stress can take a long time to disappear, which means there are several opportune moments to reach for a bottle. Instead of using alcohol to de-stress you, try other methods such as meditation, reading a book, drinking herbal tea, or even taking a nap.

Starting Young

Studies show that if you start drinking from a young age, you are more likely to have a physical dependence or alcohol addiction. The more you drink, the more tolerant you are to alcohol, meaning you have to consume more to get “happy” or drunk. A drug rehab facility may be worth considering if you or your loved one’s alcohol problem has gotten to this point.

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Combating Cracked and Dry Skin

Cracked and dry skin can be exceptionally painful and uncomfortable, especially if you don’t use organic skin care products to help or prevent it from occurring in the first place. Cracked and dry skin can happen for a number of reasons, but it’s how you treat it that can make all the difference to your prognosis. Take care of it sooner rather than later by following these tips.

Be Choosy with Products

You may think you’re doing your skin a favour by lathering it in that scented cream you store in the bathroom cupboard. However, how do you know it’s suitable for that application? Not every lotion or cream is ideal for soothing and rehydrating your cracked or dry skin. What’s more, synthetic moisturizers can often have harmful ingredients that irritate your skin as opposed to healing it.

One of the best ways to take care of cracked or dry skin is by opting for organic skin care products or even beauty products. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your skin. Soothe the pain and discomfort while benefiting from the knowledge that all ingredients are safe for your skin to absorb.

Soaking the Right Way

If you have cracked heels, you often think the best way to heal them is by soaking and softening them in the bath. This is the right and wrong method at the same time. While it’s true that water can soften and soothe your skin, it can also dry it out even more. Therefore, you have to be careful with how and for how long you soak in a tub.

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Why You Should Be Happy for Modern Dentistry

While sitting in a dentist chair may be the last thing you feel like doing, it’s worth mentioning that it could be a whole lot worse. Your minor discomfort with root canals, fillings, and other procedures, is a mere pinprick to what dental care used to be like. We’ve included a few examples below.


In Tuscany, a pair of 13,000-year-old incisors were found which showed signs of dental work. Each tooth had a hole in the centre which meant a type of filling had featured within it. While nowadays you would receive an anesthetic to remove damaged or infected teeth pulp, the owner of those two teeth would have had the pulp scraped out with a sharpened rock or similar utensil and no pain relief.

But the process itself is not the most concerning part, but the filling materials itself. Found in the holes of the tooth were vegetable fibres, hair, and bitumen – used to resurface roads. It’s clear to see dentists have come a long way in their approach to fillings.

No Anesthetic

During the most straightforward procedures like fillings, dentists offer anesthetics to make sure the patient is as comfortable as possible. After all, we strive for a pain-free experience. However, it wasn’t always like this. If you were to get a filling or your tooth extracted, you would have to grin and bear it. As a result, many people waited for their teeth fall out opposed to going through that pain.

However, during the 19th century, and even the middle ages, it was known that tooth extraction could alleviate pain and discomfort someone was experiencing. But, there was no dentist profession, so no dentists. If you wanted your teeth to be extracted, you would go and see your barber or in some cases, your doctor.

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A Sweat-Free Approach to Makeup Application

During summer months, the temperatures are known to skyrocket. While hot weather is perfect for getting that long-awaited tan, you are sure to be looking for beauty tips to avoid sweating out your makeup. It’s a common problem, and you’re not alone if you’re fighting that very battle. Here are a few beauty tips for applying makeup that the sun is intent on removing.

Use Primer

When you apply makeup on a hot day, your worst fear is often heading out into the summer heat, only for all your hard work to be undone. If you use primer, you can reduce the risk of your face looking sweaty and shiny – even after you’ve applied ample foundation. Select a primer designed to reduce oil while providing SPF protection, and head outside with the peace of mind that your face will be shine-free and protected.

Get Set

You may spend a long time preparing your makeup for the perfect look, but if you forget to set it in place, it can often be all for nothing. The heat in the sun is enough to get the sweat flowing, ruining that perfect look. However, if you use a hydration spray which balances your skin’s oils, you’re able to benefit from all those makeup minerals staying put. What’s more, there are several different hydration sprays for sale with antioxidants to protect your skin from the harsh elements.

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Everything You Need to Know About Group Fitness Sessions

Whether you’re already a part of a group fitness class, or you’re toying with the idea of joining one, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. After all, it can be an entirely new setting for some people – – particularly those who have been “lone soldiers,” exercising on their own. Before you get involved in a fitness class, there are a few things you need to know.

There are Plenty of Options

When it comes to setting your exercise regime, you will be blown away by the options available. For mind, body, and soul, you can look at things like yoga or BODYBALANCE, and if you’re looking for intense cardio, BODYCOMBAT, HIIT classes, and spin sessions may be more to your taste. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what your aim is – strength, fitness, weight loss, or social, there is something to suit everyone’s requirements, including their budget.

They Cater to All Fitness and Health Levels

Group fitness sessions are about catering to every member of the group. From the more advanced to the beginner, you can rest assured there is going to be a type of group fitness class to suit your needs. Then, as you grow, you will notice the classes grow with you. Don’t be afraid to start on the bottom rung of the ladder, because as long as you’re involved in group fitness, you won’t be on it alone. Read More

How to Maintain Curly Hair

Those who have curly hair either see it as a blessing or a curse. If you need some beauty tips to help tame those curly locks inbetween your trips to the day spa, we’ve got some helpful advice below. The more time you spend maintaining your hair, the more manageable it can become as the weeks go by.

Be Careful with Shampoo and Conditioner Selection

Rather than opt for the most affordable shampoo and conditioner options, do your hair a favour and purchase something that will benefit it. Shampoo and conditioner from a salon that caters to curly hair are going to be far more beneficial than regular products.

However, one of the most common beauty tips you will come across is that shampoo designed for damaged hair is equally as beneficial. It features mild ingredients, is often diluted, and is less damaging to curly hair that’s already a little dry.

Don’t Shampoo Often

If you have curly hair, you will be familiar with the beauty tips of not shampooing your hair too often. In fact, you should only be shampooing it a maximum of twice per week. Washing your hair too frequently can dry it out, cause it to become frizzy, and harder to tame. When you do have to wash it, be gentle with how you brush it to avoid damaging it any further.

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Jewellery Gift Ideas for Her

If you’ve been seeing many jewellers brochures left around the house where you can see them, then you are best to take that as a hint. It’s clear to see that your girlfriend or wife wants jewellery as a gift for an upcoming special occasion.

When it comes to gift-giving for women, it’s certainly not as challenging as it is for men. In fact, you can’t go wrong with some of these options below.


Whether it’s bridesmaid gift or girlfriend’s birthday, your anniversary, your wife or Valentine’s Day, a necklace makes the perfect gift for the occasion. The best part about giving a necklace as a gift is that it’s something you can do year after year. The variety available from many jewellers changes all the time, meaning what you purchased for her last year can be dramatically different from what you give her this year. If you’re stuck for ideas, talk to the store assistants. They will be able to help select a necklace that your significant other will adore.


Earrings make a fabulous gift for Valentine’s Day, birthday, Christmas gifts, and other special occasions for many reasons. Firstly, around 80 percent of women have their ears pierced. As a result, there’s a high chance the special lady in your life does as well. Secondly, to ensure they remain pierced, she needs to wear earrings. Let them be the ones you pick out. However, before you go ahead and visit the jewellers in town, look at her current earring collection. Find out what she likes and whether any of them are hypoallergenic. Read More

Benefits of Fitness Trackers

Traditionally, people would track their exercise by how loose their pants were and how fit and healthy they felt. Now, however, the technology is available to find out in real time how you’re faring on so many levels. You can know at any given moment what your heart rate is, how far you’ve run, how many calories you’ve burnt, and even how much of a decent sleep you’ve had.

There are many different fitness trackers on the market as well, some that enable you to export your data to the computer for further inspection. There are a variety of benefits on offer when you exercise while wearing a fitness tracker. Here are a few of those mentioned below.


If you attend a fitness class, boot camp, or take part in sessions with a personal trainer, there is a significant amount of responsibility. If you aren’t losing weight, feeling fitter, or healthier, then you aren’t including enough exercise in your day. However, if you work out alone, traditionally there wasn’t a lot of accountability. No one was there to tell you that you weren’t doing enough.

A fitness tracker provides a certain amount of accountability if you choose to go the solo route to exercise. It lets you know whether you haven’t taken enough steps to meet your goal, or whether, at the end of the week, you’ve been a little slack. Rather than relying on someone else to tell you this, a small piece of technology can do it instead.

Financial Motivation

There’s no denying that fitness trackers can cost a significant amount of money. If you want one that is packed full of features, you need to be willing to lay down a bit of cash, if you need help with managing money, try seeing a financial planner. Therefore, you are now financially invested in making it work for you. Financial motivation can often be enough to make you push that little bit harder, especially when you’re paying upwards of $100, if not more.

You will be more inclined to wear it and use it rather than let your investment go to waste.

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Retirement Tourism on the Rise as Seniors Head to Bali

According to a recent report Bali has become a ‘hot spot’ for seniors. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise since Bali has a great deal to offer those who want to experience a vacation that doesn’t fit the criteria of a just any ordinary vacation.

Bali tourism has been grown by leaps and bounds for all age groups, but recently it seems that the retirement population has found something they really like when it comes to vacations. The United Nations World Travel Organization (UWTO) projects that by 2025 one-third of the tourism market will be made up of seniors, often referred to as the ‘gray market.’ Bali Tourism is taking steps to encourage and grow this market segment, and take advantage of this opportunity.

One of the reasons that Bali is already benefiting from the ‘gray market’ is because companies have already begun to develop packages that focus on the retirement market. Seniors tend to take longer vacations and spend more money than the average tourist, because they have more disposable income, due to retirement planning, and more free time.

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How to Choose the Right Bronzer for You

The reason there are so many beauty tips online is that applying makeup can be a tricky process that requires tutorials, online advice, and trial and error before you get it right. One wrong move can create a disaster look that has you stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons. If you’re trying to find out how best to approach the use of bronzer, we’ve covered all bases below. You may find this advice is all you require for that killer look.

Why Shade Matters

Bronzer isn’t like earrings or jewellery in the respect that you have to be careful with the colouring. Of course, you choose accessories based on your clothing, but when it comes to bronzer, you have to put more thought into your natural skin tone. Without knowing your skin tone, or being aware of what works with it, you may struggle to find a bronzer that blends in seamlessly for a stunning look, rather than standing out for all the wrong reasons.

How Do You Choose the Right Shade of Bronzer?

As a rule of thumb, the way in which to select the right shade of bronzer is to firstly, be aware of your skin tone and secondly, choose one that’s one or two shades deeper than it. If you picked the same colour as your skin, you wouldn’t notice it. Whereas if you chose something that’s far darker than your skin, you run the risk of it looking fake and standing out a little too much.

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5 Popular Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Given the amount of time, love, and dedication your bridesmaids put into your wedding preparations, it seems only fitting to repay them with bridesmaids gifts they can love forever. And, because the average “acceptable” amount of money to spend on bridesmaids gifts is AUD$100-200, these five options below are well worth your consideration.

Custom Tote Bags

While it might not seem like a custom tote bag is the most exciting gift you can give, it’s often only the beginning. If you make a small investment into a custom, named tote bag for each of your bridesmaids, you can then fill it with goodies they will appreciate. The best part is, custom tote bags are very affordable, and you can add both their name and the date of your wedding, so it’s etched in their memories forever.


Jewellery has to be one of the most popular bridesmaids gifts, and it’s easy to see why. Not only can your bridesmaids wear the jewellery for your wedding, but it’s a token they are bound to keep for life. What’s more, there are options aplenty. You can treat them to charm bracelets with a single charm representing your wedding or go for something more exciting such as a necklace with a pendant. You can then gift it to your bridesmaids in a custom jewellery bag with their name on it.

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Food That Is Actually Good for Your Teeth

From a young age, the dentist has always told us what kind of food is bad for our teeth. We shouldn’t drink sugary drinks, eat too many sweet foods, and stay away from coffee as well. However, for all the food and beverages we shouldn’t consume, what’s actually beneficial for our teeth?

Here are just a few of the many items you might like to add to your grocery list for the benefit of your bite.


It’s always been said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but could it also keep the dentist away as well? Apples, while sweet and therefore traditionally not healthy for your teeth, are also full of water and fibre. While you’re eating an apple, your saliva goes into overdrive, washing away bacteria while stimulating your gums at the same time. If you like to keep a fresh mouth during the day, remember to pack an apple into your lunch box or handbag as you head to work.


In the same way that apples promote saliva production, so too do raw carrots. Carrots also help to reduce your risk of cavities while being high in fibre and vitamin A. Therefore, there’s every reason to add a whole carrot, baby carrots, or carrot sticks to your lunch or evening meal.


While cheese can be considered fattening, when it comes to your teeth it’s rather good for them. In 2013 studies published in the Journal of General Dentistry, it was discovered that by eating cheese, you were able to raise the pH levels in your mouth – thus lowering the risk of tooth decay. Aside from this reduced risk of decay, cheese also strengthens tooth enamel while providing your body with much-needed protein and calcium.

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Benefits of Travelling Solo

Whether your relationship status is single or your significant other can’t get time off work, you may find that you’re going on holiday alone. Even if you won’t be experiencing Bali villas or any other tourist hotspots with someone else, you will enjoy so many benefits on a solo trip. Here are just a few of many.

Every Experience is For You
When you travel with someone else or a group of people, you find yourself having to do things that other people want to do. While you might be into nature walks and going off the beaten track, your party might want to experience the bustling nightlife. When you travel alone, every adventure you go on is for your benefit. You can soak up the luxury of Bali villas in a tranquil setting, or take a walk through various markets that are a must-do on any traveller’s list. Whatever you want to do, you can do it when you’re travelling solo.

You Can ‘Find Yourself’

Sometimes we can lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The daily nine to five grind can take its toll, and a holiday by yourself might help you to reclaim the real you. When you travel with other people, you get so caught up in the social setting that you often miss life-changing moments. Alone with your thoughts, however, you can gain a new appreciation for what you have, while experiencing a new part of the world you’ve never seen before. When you go home, you may feel refreshed and revitalized, ready to tackle anything life throws at you.

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14 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding is Sustainable

Sustainability can be found in many life situations from exciting events like parties and weddings through to the more mundane activities such as cleaning the house. It’s important when arranging a wedding to avoid waste by only spending money on those things that are essential for a nice wedding.  Hiring a photo booth can save on costs as well as being an eco friendly choice because it will also save on the use of fuel, since it provides an opportunity for guests to download their photos online.

Here are some more ways to have a wedding that is eco-friendly.

  • Use recycled paper for the wedding invitations and table name cards.
  • Use linen or organic cotton napkins and tablecloths rather than disposable paper ones.
  • Use LED lighting or candles at the reception. Soy or honeycomb candles burn cleanly, without the black soot residue in some other kinds.

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How to Deal with Child Care Tantrums

Even if you believe your child is an angel, there may come a time – usually during enrollment in a child care facility – when they begin to throw tantrums. It’s important to understand that tantrums are very common in children between one and three years of age. And, it’s not so much a sign of bad behaviour so much as a sign of frustration or changes.

Parents tend to notice more tantrums when they put their children into a child care facility because it can be a significant adjustment. You are altering their routine, and young children in that age bracket aren’t able to communicate how they feel about it other than with tears and tantrums.

If you’re dealing with temper tantrums and want to gain control over the situation sooner rather than later, we’ve included some helpful information below.

Reduce Their Stress

While toddlers don’t have to worry about paying bills or running errands, they do carry the stresses of toddler life. When you enrol them in child care, it’s not uncommon for their stress levels to be at an all-time high. The first tip for dealing with tantrums is to try to reduce that stress. In the first week of child care, avoid excessive stimulation.

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5 Best Beaches in the World

If staring at the same four walls of your office cubicle is becoming a little tedious, then it might be time to start dreaming about beautiful beaches instead. Everyone deserves a holiday from time to time, so what’s wrong with planning your own now? If the thought of relaxing on a beach drinking cocktails sounds like your idea of a good time, then visit one of these top-rated beaches below.

Harbour Island, Bahamas

The problem with a lot of famous beaches is how busy they are. With people milling around, detracting from your peace, they become less of the relaxing paradise you envisioned, and more of a bustling hive of activity. Harbour Island in the Bahamas, however, is more serene than you could ever think possible.

It’s located off the coast of Eleuthera Island and is a little off the beaten track. Therefore, it’s less likely to be as populated by families as those more mainland beaches in the Bahamas. It’s encompassed by palm trees for that gorgeous beach vibe as well, so you can sun yourself on the pink sands while enjoying the serene environment. What’s more, when you start to get a little cold and hungry, you can then make your way to an eatery nearby for a delicious fresh seafood dish and a tasty cocktail.

Kuta Beach, Bali

If you found yourself dreaming about luxury Bali villas, then it only makes sense to add Kuta Beach to your list of beaches to visit. As Bali’s most well-known destination, it’s a stunning white sand beach that brings tourists from all around the world. It’s mere minutes from the International airport, is within proximity to several resorts and luxury Bali villas, and offers many shopping and dining opportunities as well.

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Writing a Good Online Dating Profile

A good online dating profile will get many times the responses that a poor one will get, so it is well worth the effort. You will get a lot more replies if you include good photos, so find a friend who can take good photos of you. The photos should be no more than a year old. It is much better to have a recent, accurate photo, than to run the risk of disappointing the person when you meet them because you look older or more out of shape than your photo. Make sure one photo is a good closeup of your face, and it´s a big plus if you are smiling in that photo. It is also a plus if you include additional photos of you doing things you enjoy so that they get a picture of what you are like in action.

Pick an online name that is positive and something that might interest the kind of person you would like to meet.

Be sure to write at least a full paragraph about yourself and what you like to do. Usually it is better to write more. You might write about what music you like, if you watch or participate in sports, if you like to watch movies, if you like travel and where you have gone, if you like to eat in restaurants or like to cook, enjoy attending functions and what hobbies or interests you have. Try to include things about yourself that make you special. If you have children, mention them, but remember the profile is about you, not your children.

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4 Benefits of Postpartum Waist Training

For many women, waist training is the furthest thing on their mind after giving birth to a baby. After all, you can be rapt up in motherhood and sleepless nights, and sparing a thought for your body is something for a later date.

However, wearing a waist trainer offers a whole host of benefits, but not the ones you think. Contrary to popular belief, it can’t help you lose that baby weight, nor can it make you skinnier or regain the stomach you had before giving birth. But, it can offer you the following:


It might seem strange to put waist training and comfort in the same sentence, but wearing a waist trainer, or girdle, after having a baby can be. If you buy a high-quality one, you can benefit from feeling less “loose” around that area as well as finding it more comfortable to sit up in the days after giving birth. While there’s no reason to jump back into a fitness routine with your waist trainer just yet, it does help to know that you can feel comfortable when you need to the most.


After nine months of wearing clothes that were far larger than what you were used to, you may have thought that you would be able to hop straight back into those skinny jeans when leaving the hospital. While some people can, for the majority it’s a big ask.

Even in shirts and tops you used to wear before you were pregnant, you may feel like everything appears frumpy and unattractive. If you put on a waist trainer, however, you can wear some of your old clothes with confidence, as your stomach sits firmly under high-quality latex or compression fabric.

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5 Signs You Need to Book into Drug Rehab

What might have started off as taking pain medication for an injury, or a “once off” at a party, can quickly become an addiction for which drug rehab is necessary. However, denial is a prevalent part of drug addiction, with people not willing to admit they have a problem. If you’re beginning to realise you may have a problem, but you’re not yet convinced, find out if you fit any of these five criteria below. Drug rehab might be more beneficial for your situation than you think.

Withdrawing from Social Situations

If the thought of heading into a social situation where you can’t access your drug of choice has you nervous, then it’s time to admit you have a problem. The inability to keep your thoughts from straying from drug use is an alarm bell you can’t ignore.

Think back to before you began taking drugs. Were you quite happy to attend social barbecues, go to a movie with friends, or even visit your friends and family? If you can’t do this now without thinking about how you’ll make it through, then it’s time to consider drug rehab.

You’re Lying and Deceiving

Many people try to hide their addiction from friends and family for fear of being called out for it. If you don’t believe you have a problem, would you be quite happy to openly drink alcohol when a friend visits at 9 am or take drugs in front of your parents?  Lies and deceit are a universal sign of a drug problem and being open about your addiction is the first step to combating it. Read More

How to Care for Your Gums Properly

When you visit a modern dentist, such as Candlewood Dental Centre, you will be thoroughly educated on how crucial it is to maintain your teeth. Brush twice a day, floss, and avoid particular foods. However, these practices are not only for the benefit of your teeth but your gums as well.

If your teeth are in poor condition, then your gums will be as well – for oral health encompasses your whole mouth, not just one component. However, even if your teeth are in excellent condition, that doesn’t mean you won’t get gum disease.

Gum disease is painless and many people can have it and won’t even know. It occurs when plaque begins to build up along your gum line, causing infection in both the gum and bone. Without treatment, this plaque can cause gingivitis which evolves into gum disease.

What Are the Signs of Gum Disease?

Because gum disease is painless, it’s up to you to recognise the signs and see your dentist sooner rather than later. If your gums feel tender or inflamed, they bleed, are swollen or look red, or you have bad breath, you may have gum disease.

However, if you care for your gums properly, the disease is entirely avoidable. Here’s how to reduce the risk.

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Northern Bali More Popular Destination With European Travellers

For several years now, European travellers have been heading to Bali for their vacations, especially to the southern part of Bali. However, as southern Bali becomes more expensive they are seeking to stay in Northern Bali regions, which are still considered a ‘best kept secret.’

Putu Winastra, deputy chairman of the Bali branch of the Association of Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies (ASITA) said that European tourists had always paid serious attention to the condition of destinations they intended to visit.

When it comes to travel and vacation destinations, Europeans are one of the savviest travellers always looking for the best vacation spot. That includes not just the best pricing, but also the best accommodations, the least amount of traffic, and the best attractions. And while there are excellent villas in Bali, Europeans are beginning to see Southern Bali as just a little too touristy for their liking, and so many are heading to more Northern Bali destinations.

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