10 Wedding Day Questions You May Have Forgotten To Ask

Whenever a wedding is being planned there will be lots of questions being asked by the bride and groom such as “Who shall we invite?”, “How many wedding cars will we need?”, “What beauty salon near me can do my bridal makeup?” and “What sort of bridal dress design will be best?” to name a few. We are sure you can think of dozens of other questions that will need to be answered to successfully plan a wedding and enjoy it to the maximum extent.

Some questions are less common than others and do not get asked but should do, and without those answers, it can lead to issues, confusion, or even embarrassment before and during the wedding. If you are wondering what these specific questions are, then wonder no more as below we have listed ten such wedding questions and the answers to them.

Question #1 – What Is The Difference Between Wedding ‘Law’ And Wedding ‘Tradition’

A wedding law is what you must do legally to become married. This includes the ceremony being conducted by someone legally authorised to do so and the accompanying legal documents which show you are legally married. Beyond these, most of what many believe are wedding laws are actually traditions such as the bride wearing white, a wedding cake, and even the exchanging of rings which are all optional and not required by law.

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The Best Bride Grooms Gift

While there is no denying that finding bridesmaids gifts such as bridesmaid robes is essential, so too is finding the perfect present for the groomsmen. Even though they won’t be putting in nearly as much work as the bridal party, they are still deserving of a little reward for helping the groom prepare for his big day. However, knowing what to get for the groomsmen is a challenge. Do you want to go “all out” with vouchers and gift hampers? Or, do you want to opt for something you know they will use?

If you’ve decided that the best approach is to go for something you know the groomsmen will use both at your wedding and for years to come, then consider the many benefits of a stubby holder.

Quality Fabric

When you decide customisable stubby coolers are the route to go down, then you will be impressed by the quality fabric used in the manufacturing process. Neoprene, which is suitable for a wide range of industries, helps to improve the quality of the stubby cooler in more ways than one. You benefit from better grip while you’re holding it and protection for your glass, but you also benefit from temperature control. Neoprene is used in the manufacturing process not only for its quality but because it can keep your drink at a consistent temperature. Read More

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Her

If you’ve been seeing many jewellers brochures left around the house where you can see them, then you are best to take that as a hint. It’s clear to see that your girlfriend or wife wants jewellery as a gift for an upcoming special occasion.

When it comes to gift-giving for women, it’s certainly not as challenging as it is for men. In fact, you can’t go wrong with some of these options below.


Whether it’s bridesmaid gift or girlfriend’s birthday, your anniversary, your wife or Valentine’s Day, a necklace makes the perfect gift for the occasion. The best part about giving a necklace as a gift is that it’s something you can do year after year. The variety available from many jewellers changes all the time, meaning what you purchased for her last year can be dramatically different from what you give her this year. If you’re stuck for ideas, talk to the store assistants. They will be able to help select a necklace that your significant other will adore.


Earrings make a fabulous gift for Valentine’s Day, birthday, Christmas gifts, and other special occasions for many reasons. Firstly, around 80 percent of women have their ears pierced. As a result, there’s a high chance the special lady in your life does as well. Secondly, to ensure they remain pierced, she needs to wear earrings. Let them be the ones you pick out. However, before you go ahead and visit the jewellers in town, look at her current earring collection. Find out what she likes and whether any of them are hypoallergenic. Read More

5 Popular Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Given the amount of time, love, and dedication your bridesmaids put into your wedding preparations, it seems only fitting to repay them with bridesmaids gifts they can love forever. And, because the average “acceptable” amount of money to spend on bridesmaids gifts is AUD$100-200, these five options below are well worth your consideration.

Custom Tote Bags

While it might not seem like a custom tote bag is the most exciting gift you can give, it’s often only the beginning. If you make a small investment into a custom, named tote bag for each of your bridesmaids, you can then fill it with goodies they will appreciate. The best part is, custom tote bags are very affordable, and you can add both their name and the date of your wedding, so it’s etched in their memories forever.


Jewellery has to be one of the most popular bridesmaids gifts, and it’s easy to see why. Not only can your bridesmaids wear the jewellery for your wedding, but it’s a token they are bound to keep for life. What’s more, there are options aplenty. You can treat them to charm bracelets with a single charm representing your wedding or go for something more exciting such as a necklace with a pendant. You can then gift it to your bridesmaids in a custom jewellery bag with their name on it.

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14 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding is Sustainable

Sustainability can be found in many life situations from exciting events like parties and weddings through to the more mundane activities such as cleaning the house. It’s important when arranging a wedding to avoid waste by only spending money on those things that are essential for a nice wedding.  Hiring a photo booth can save on costs as well as being an eco friendly choice because it will also save on the use of fuel, since it provides an opportunity for guests to download their photos online.

Here are some more ways to have a wedding that is eco-friendly.

  • Use recycled paper for the wedding invitations and table name cards.
  • Use linen or organic cotton napkins and tablecloths rather than disposable paper ones.
  • Use LED lighting or candles at the reception. Soy or honeycomb candles burn cleanly, without the black soot residue in some other kinds.

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How to Deal with Child Care Tantrums

Even if you believe your child is an angel, there may come a time – usually during enrollment in a child care facility – when they begin to throw tantrums. It’s important to understand that tantrums are very common in children between one and three years of age. And, it’s not so much a sign of bad behaviour so much as a sign of frustration or changes.

Parents tend to notice more tantrums when they put their children into a child care facility because it can be a significant adjustment. You are altering their routine, and young children in that age bracket aren’t able to communicate how they feel about it other than with tears and tantrums.

If you’re dealing with temper tantrums and want to gain control over the situation sooner rather than later, we’ve included some helpful information below.

Reduce Their Stress

While toddlers don’t have to worry about paying bills or running errands, they do carry the stresses of toddler life. When you enrol them in child care, it’s not uncommon for their stress levels to be at an all-time high. The first tip for dealing with tantrums is to try to reduce that stress. In the first week of child care, avoid excessive stimulation.

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Writing a Good Online Dating Profile

A good online dating profile will get many times the responses that a poor one will get, so it is well worth the effort. You will get a lot more replies if you include good photos, so find a friend who can take good photos of you. The photos should be no more than a year old. It is much better to have a recent, accurate photo, than to run the risk of disappointing the person when you meet them because you look older or more out of shape than your photo. Make sure one photo is a good closeup of your face, and it´s a big plus if you are smiling in that photo. It is also a plus if you include additional photos of you doing things you enjoy so that they get a picture of what you are like in action.

Pick an online name that is positive and something that might interest the kind of person you would like to meet.

Be sure to write at least a full paragraph about yourself and what you like to do. Usually it is better to write more. You might write about what music you like, if you watch or participate in sports, if you like to watch movies, if you like travel and where you have gone, if you like to eat in restaurants or like to cook, enjoy attending functions and what hobbies or interests you have. Try to include things about yourself that make you special. If you have children, mention them, but remember the profile is about you, not your children.

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