Food for Teeth

Food That Is Actually Good for Your Teeth

From a young age, the dentist has always told us what kind of food is bad for our teeth. We shouldn’t drink sugary drinks, eat too many sweet foods, and stay away from coffee as well. However, for all the food and beverages we shouldn’t consume, what’s actually beneficial for our teeth?

Here are just a few of the many items you might like to add to your grocery list for the benefit of your bite.


It’s always been said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but could it also keep the dentist away as well? Apples, while sweet and therefore traditionally not healthy for your teeth, are also full of water and fibre. While you’re eating an apple, your saliva goes into overdrive, washing away bacteria while stimulating your gums at the same time. If you like to keep a fresh mouth during the day, remember to pack an apple into your lunch box or handbag as you head to work.


In the same way that apples promote saliva production, so too do raw carrots. Carrots also help to reduce your risk of cavities while being high in fibre and vitamin A. Therefore, there’s every reason to add a whole carrot, baby carrots, or carrot sticks to your lunch or evening meal.


While cheese can be considered fattening, when it comes to your teeth it’s rather good for them. In 2013 studies published in the Journal of General Dentistry, it was discovered that by eating cheese, you were able to raise the pH levels in your mouth – thus lowering the risk of tooth decay. Aside from this reduced risk of decay, cheese also strengthens tooth enamel while providing your body with much-needed protein and calcium.


Popeye the Sailor Man loved spinach because it made him big and strong, but he surely noticed how beneficial it was for his teeth as well. Spinach is packed full of vitamins and minerals, promotes oral health, helps to build healthy teeth enamel, and can help to treat gum disease as well. Whether you buy it frozen or fresh, adding spinach to your family meals can benefit both your overall and oral health.


When you’re trying to improve your diet for the benefit of your overall health, you’ll find that many people recommend a handful of nuts as a snack. While the aim is to stop you reaching for a chocolate bar to curb your hunger, you can also benefit from better oral health as well. Almonds are an excellent source of protein and calcium that are also very low in sugar. They are filling, you can add them to many different meals, and they also make a great snack.

For as many foods out there that are bad for your teeth, there are just as many that are beneficial. If you want to supplement your twice-yearly dentist visit with good oral health practices, your diet is an excellent place to start.