Huma Hair & Beauty Salon is currently run by Huma Raufie; the owner. She has over 10 years of experience in hairstyling and hairdressing and is incredibly talented. Starting off her career in Germany as a newcomer to the beauty industry, she was determined to obtain as much as experience and knowledge as possible to be where she is today. She studied from 1996-1998 in Germany and came to Canada to obtain her Canadian hairstyling/Cosmetology diploma at the International Academy of Hair Design in North York. Her passion started at a young age, at 12 years old she played with scissors and cut/style her dolls’ hair without her parents knowing of course 🙂 By 14 years old, she began starting to apply make-up and experimenting on her family members. It was then she knew what it was she was meant to do. Her arrival in Canada allowed her to expand her knowledge and build her experience; until the day came she was able to run her business, HER way, professionally. Today, her business is successful and growing little by little everyday when people discover her talents. She strives to satisfy each client that sits in her chair; some may even say that they can feel the love, passion and dedication right through her scissors.