10 Wedding Day Questions You May Have Forgotten To Ask

Whenever a wedding is being planned there will be lots of questions being asked by the bride and groom such as “Who shall we invite?”, “How many wedding cars will we need?”, “What beauty salon near me can do my bridal makeup?” and “What sort of bridal dress design will be best?” to name a few. We are sure you can think of dozens of other questions that will need to be answered to successfully plan a wedding and enjoy it to the maximum extent.

Some questions are less common than others and do not get asked but should do, and without those answers, it can lead to issues, confusion, or even embarrassment before and during the wedding. If you are wondering what these specific questions are, then wonder no more as below we have listed ten such wedding questions and the answers to them.

Question #1 – What Is The Difference Between Wedding ‘Law’ And Wedding ‘Tradition’

A wedding law is what you must do legally to become married. This includes the ceremony being conducted by someone legally authorised to do so and the accompanying legal documents which show you are legally married. Beyond these, most of what many believe are wedding laws are actually traditions such as the bride wearing white, a wedding cake, and even the exchanging of rings which are all optional and not required by law.

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