Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

5 Popular Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Given the amount of time, love, and dedication your bridesmaids put into your wedding preparations, it seems only fitting to repay them with bridesmaids gifts they can love forever. And, because the average “acceptable” amount of money to spend on bridesmaids gifts is AUD$100-200, these five options below are well worth your consideration.

Custom Tote Bags

While it might not seem like a custom tote bag is the most exciting gift you can give, it’s often only the beginning. If you make a small investment into a custom, named tote bag for each of your bridesmaids, you can then fill it with goodies they will appreciate. The best part is, custom tote bags are very affordable, and you can add both their name and the date of your wedding, so it’s etched in their memories forever.


Jewellery has to be one of the most popular bridesmaids gifts, and it’s easy to see why. Not only can your bridesmaids wear the jewellery for your wedding, but it’s a token they are bound to keep for life. What’s more, there are options aplenty. You can treat them to charm bracelets with a single charm representing your wedding or go for something more exciting such as a necklace with a pendant. You can then gift it to your bridesmaids in a custom jewellery bag with their name on it.

Engraved Wine Boxes

After a rewarding yet stressful experience, it’s sometimes nice to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine with friends. As a result, engraved wine boxes with a bottle of wine inside make the perfect bridesmaid gifts. While you can drink and replace the bottle in the box, the box is something that will remain a constant for the rest of your friendship.

Custom Makeup Bags

Custom makeup bags are an ideal bridesmaid gift because they enable you to flex your creative muscles. You can get their name and your wedding date printed on the exterior or just their initials. However, you can’t just gift them the bag and call it even. It’s customary to include something in it. You can go “all out” with stunning makeup, or put jewellery in it, or vouchers for makeup if you don’t know their shade or style.

Spa Treatments

If you want your bridesmaids to be able to relax after months of planning for your big day, then a spa treatment voucher will be well-received. Set aside $100 for each bridesmaid then add a gift box of wine and chocolates or something similar to accompany it. Not only will your bridesmaids appreciate the gesture, but they’ll also gladly take the opportunity to have some well-deserved “me” time.

Choosing bridesmaid gifts is challenging, but it’s not impossible. Stick to these tried and trusted methods and no one will go home dissatisfied.