Where Does Botox Get Injected?

If you’re new to the world of Botox injections or are thinking of getting some, then you may be wondering how the entire process works. You go into the specialist’s office with wrinkles, frown lines, and sagging skin, and come out with a beautiful, smooth, and shiny face. So, how does it happen?

When you head in for your appointment, you will usually receive Botox on the wrinkles between your eyebrows. You tend to have a lot of lines here, and the area in which they lie is known as the glabella.

The muscles which stand out prominently between your eyebrows are your corrugators which allow you to show fear or disgust on your face. Upon creating such a look, you use your vestigial muscles.

Most people also receive Botox to remove the horizontal lines that appear on their forehead. These tend to get thicker and deeper as you age. The injection goes into the centre of your forehead. If you do not use an experienced and skilled Botox expert, then you run the risk of the needle not being central, which causes your brows to droop.

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