Right Bronzer

How to Choose the Right Bronzer for You

The reason there are so many beauty tips online is that applying makeup can be a tricky process that requires tutorials, online advice, and trial and error before you get it right. One wrong move can create a disaster look that has you stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons. If you’re trying to find out how best to approach the use of bronzer, we’ve covered all bases below. You may find this advice is all you require for that killer look.

Why Shade Matters

Bronzer isn’t like earrings or jewellery in the respect that you have to be careful with the colouring. Of course, you choose accessories based on your clothing, but when it comes to bronzer, you have to put more thought into your natural skin tone. Without knowing your skin tone, or being aware of what works with it, you may struggle to find a bronzer that blends in seamlessly for a stunning look, rather than standing out for all the wrong reasons.

How Do You Choose the Right Shade of Bronzer?

As a rule of thumb, the way in which to select the right shade of bronzer is to firstly, be aware of your skin tone and secondly, choose one that’s one or two shades deeper than it. If you picked the same colour as your skin, you wouldn’t notice it. Whereas if you chose something that’s far darker than your skin, you run the risk of it looking fake and standing out a little too much.

What Colour Bronzer Should I Wear?

Some of the most helpful beauty tips online relate to matching skin colours with makeup types. In all makeup applications, you will find that having your finger on the pulse of colour matching is going to be in your favour on all occasions. Bronzing is no different.

If you have light or fair skin, a peach or rose bronzer is going to look stunning. Those with olive or medium-toned skin will benefit from an earthy or copper colour, while if you have darker skin, you’re going to look the part with a shimmery chocolate bronzer.

Regardless of your skin type, however, you may find that a pre-blended bronzer with a subtle shimmery effect is going to provide that ultimate stylish look.

What Else Can Bronzer Do?

Bronzer is a saving grace during those colder months when you appear more washed out than usual. However, as you’ll find through reading other beauty tips, it has more than one use. You can use bronzer to add more dimension to your face, as well as providing more of a sculpted look. To use bronzer in the most effective way possible, use a brush and follow the shadows of your face to define your cheekbones and create a slimmer and more defined nose.

The options are endless for bronzer, but it takes high-quality beauty tips and plenty of practice to nail the use of it. Read the information above and see how much quicker you achieve the perfect look.