How to Maintain Curly Hair

Those who have curly hair either see it as a blessing or a curse. If you need some beauty tips to help tame those curly locks inbetween your trips to the day spa, we’ve got some helpful advice below. The more time you spend maintaining your hair, the more manageable it can become as the weeks go by.

Be Careful with Shampoo and Conditioner Selection

Rather than opt for the most affordable shampoo and conditioner options, do your hair a favour and purchase something that will benefit it. Shampoo and conditioner from a salon that caters to curly hair are going to be far more beneficial than regular products.

However, one of the most common beauty tips you will come across is that shampoo designed for damaged hair is equally as beneficial. It features mild ingredients, is often diluted, and is less damaging to curly hair that’s already a little dry.

Don’t Shampoo Often

If you have curly hair, you will be familiar with the beauty tips of not shampooing your hair too often. In fact, you should only be shampooing it a maximum of twice per week. Washing your hair too frequently can dry it out, cause it to become frizzy, and harder to tame. When you do have to wash it, be gentle with how you brush it to avoid damaging it any further.

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