A Sweat-Free Approach to Makeup Application

During summer months, the temperatures are known to skyrocket. While hot weather is perfect for getting that long-awaited tan, you are sure to be looking for beauty tips to avoid sweating out your makeup. It’s a common problem, and you’re not alone if you’re fighting that very battle. Here are a few beauty tips for applying makeup that the sun is intent on removing.

Use Primer

When you apply makeup on a hot day, your worst fear is often heading out into the summer heat, only for all your hard work to be undone. If you use primer, you can reduce the risk of your face looking sweaty and shiny – even after you’ve applied ample foundation. Select a primer designed to reduce oil while providing SPF protection, and head outside with the peace of mind that your face will be shine-free and protected.

Get Set

You may spend a long time preparing your makeup for the perfect look, but if you forget to set it in place, it can often be all for nothing. The heat in the sun is enough to get the sweat flowing, ruining that perfect look. However, if you use a hydration spray which balances your skin’s oils, you’re able to benefit from all those makeup minerals staying put. What’s more, there are several different hydration sprays for sale with antioxidants to protect your skin from the harsh elements.

Go Cream-Free

The smallest amount of sweat is enough to undo all your hard work, especially if the majority of your products are cream-based. One of the most valuable beauty tips you will come across is avoiding creamy products during those warmer months. While many cream products work wonders for your complexion, they won’t look the part when your eyeliner begins to spread into your eyes, or your foundation loses its perfect blend. A powder finish is always best.

Wear Less

If you’re prone to sweating and your skin becomes flushed during a workout or a walk outside in summer, then it might be in your best interests to wear less. Rather than focus on contouring and lipstick, why not opt for a more natural look during those warmer months? You can still use powder-based products to hide your blemishes but opt for more basic products such as lip balms over lipsticks, and natural skin tones over contouring.

Don’t Rub

When the scorching temperatures have your makeup looking less than its best, you’ll be searching for beauty tips to solve the problem. The best one you’ll find is that you should never rub your makeup to fix it. If a cream-based product has your face looking blotchy, dab the affected areas gently. If you rub them, you’ll find you exacerbate the problem rather than solve it.

Wearing makeup in summer can really test your skill set, especially when the sun is bearing down on you for hours every day. Any of these five beauty tips above can help to provide that much-needed protection you and your skin need from the intense summer sun.